Sunday, May 25, 2008

we went to the park it
was so much fun Everett loves the park I think we could be there all day and he would never get sleepy.

I am 32 can you believe it!!!!

32 reasons to be grateful on my Birthday!!!!!

  1. My husband of 7 years Jared who is my favorite ever!

  2. My membership in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

  3. My wonderful son Everett who I love more every day

  4. My Mom and Dad who taught me to be who I am, to have fun and pray.

  5. My brother Michael for always being such a great example

  6. My sister Wendy for her love and being my second Mom

  7. My sister Patti for always being so fun and smiling no matter what.

  8. My sister Bev for always having a big heart and serving.

  9. My brother Tony for being my hero and always, even when things are hard, standing tall like Moroni

  10. My brother Charles. He always is so loving and aways doing good.

  11. My sister Corrin. I love our sisterly love and friendship. I am so grateful to have sons the same age so we can share in the joy together and maybe some clothes hangers too.

  12. My brother David who has always been the one to tease me and then to be my biggest support also my game playing buddy

  13. My brother Jeffery giving me support from the other side

  14. My little sister Kristin who I will always protect and who will always be my friend no matter what.

  15. My Mother and Father in law Kathy and Steve, who I have loved and they have loved me from day one.

  16. My brother in law and sister in laws they are so much fun and always full of an adventure when they are all together

  17. My Nieces and Nephews I love each of them so much

  18. My Grandparents- Grandma I know you have given me strength from the other side and Granny you make me laugh and I enjoy everyday with you.

  19. My friends you know who you are I love you and thank you for always being there for me.

  20. My health

  21. For being by my family again

  22. For the wonderful 3 years of living in Boise
  23. For my callings that I have had and the people I have loved because of it.

  24. The Portland Temple

  25. The Book of Mormon

  26. Baths

  27. Pedicures

  28. My Cell Phone

  29. DVR I do not know how people live with out one

  30. Caramel

  31. The Oregon Coast
  32. So many more blessings but I would have to say the last one for this list is being able to serve my mission in The great OHIO Go Buckeyes............And Oregon Ducks

Monday, May 5, 2008


Everett went to his cousin carters birthday party. He had a great time on the air slide and playing on the cars. HE IS GETTING SO BIG!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Mager Update

What a grateful time I am having in my life. We have been back in Portland for almost two months. It has been hard to leave my friends, my calling at church and comforts of our home. But I have learned how blessed I am for my family and my testimony of the Savior. I am back at Nike. I Loved working there when Jared and I first got married. It is a wonderful place to work. It has been very hard to leave my cute boy to go to work, but I know that he is in safe hands with his Aunt Corrin and Grandma Carter.
Jared has been working hard and had his first big sell. I am so happy that I am married to him. It has been almost eight years that we have known each other and I can honestly say that my love for him grows every day. He tries every day to be a better Husband and Father and that is really all I can ask for.
Everett LOVES his cousins. Just like his parents, he has become a social butterfly. Today at church he was flirting with everyone and getting what ever he wanted. He is getting so big everyday and becoming a little boy, not a baby. He loves to dance and listen to music. He has been doing this shoulder roll when music comes on. It is hilarious.
In closing I wanted to thank all of my family and friend for there love and support.
We love you all!!!